Trinity UCC History

Trinity was founded in the year 1869 by a group of German immigrant farm families who lived in Waukesha County, generally working dairy or vegetable farms. These farm families were hard workers but always found time for church activities. Founded in the Evangelical Union heritage, their religious faith was very important to them.


For almost 100 years, Trinity was one of only two Protestant churches in what today is the City of Brookfield. The ten years after World War II saw the dramatic change in the area around Trinity from a rural community to a suburban community. Families from diverse church and ethnic backgrounds found an “open door” at Trinity. Times changed but the strong family, faith, and community service values did not.

On Labor Day in 2005, a fire at Trinity resulted in major physical damage to the church building just as a major remodeling project was about to start. But what we discovered, after 14 months out of the church, was that Trinity’s faith community is the people and not the building. Trinity United Church of Christ has emerged as a stronger faith body ready to serve where needed.