Did you know that Trinity United Church of Christ has its very own geocache hidden on the property?  Hidden on 9/15/2014, there have been 136 visitors to date. The church’s geocache has a very fitting name…

geocache logo.jpg


It is rated 1 star in difficulty and 1.5 stars in terrain.  Geocaching is a very fun family friendly -activity and some of our cache’s logs are proof:

“My sons first geocache find! They are 4 and 2”

“1st find – age 6”

“Kids are getting hooked!”

“Very cool cache.  Thanks for bringing me here”

“Perfect Monday to find this treasure!  Great find for the kids!!”

“Visiting my daughter and telling her about geocaching.  This one was close! East to find.  Fun names she figured it out…”see see”…think about it!”

“Great hide.  Drive by this everyday to and from work”

“Oh my.  As I start looking the bell rings very loud to signal noon.  Scared the check out of me.”

“Fun with the family & the dog.  Happy findings”

“Visiting from Colorado”

“Found on the way to my nieces baptism.  Nice name, ties in well with the hide location”

“Easy to find!  Fun stuff inside!”

“Two for one on this one.  Was able to show my kids where their great great grandparents and great great aunt are buried as well as the church where many family members attended.  Thank you!”

“I always enjoy discovering the origin of a cache’s title.  Thanks for taking it easy on the two of us”


And a very creative log:


To learn more about geocaching or to read the post for our cache (GC5CQ6T  - Location N43 05.890 W088 07.556) visit www.geocaching.com.  And if you come to find You See See, don’t forget to read the message board very close to the cache – it is constantly updated with all the churches activities and events.